About Nicholas


Born in Massachusetts, Nicholas is a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps.  The oldest sibling in a family of six—which instilled in him high moral values based on a solid foundation of honor, ethics, and integrity—he survived a family tragedy in 2005.


Nicholas’ degrees in Digital Video, General Education, and Liberal Arts form a solid foundation for his fourth degree in TV, Film, and New Media at San Diego State University. His life experience and love of the entertainment industry resulted in his winning a student competition for Production and Editing for the 2010 PGA golf tournament held at the Torrey Pines Country Club in San Diego.


Being an avid athlete (golf, soccer, and basketball) helps Nicholas maintain a solid physical foundation and sound mental awareness in everyday life.  Being active, open-minded, and friendly has enabled him to garner a wealth of knowledge from his experiences working in Sales, Marketing, and Hospitality while pursuing his lifelong goal of working in entertainment industry.

Music Videos, Short Films, and Commercials he’s produced display the enthusiasm and skills necessary to complete a superior project.  His Networking talents have developed him into an elite team player and manager that has been recognized and rewarded.


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