Nicholas Gibeault - Film Production


Specializing in Networking, Nicholas has a passion for Film and people. His lifetime experience and skills supply the necessary tools to achieve success in any project, of any size, and for any reason.


Nicholas has had dealings with many prestige companies such as Silver Pictures, Sunblock Studios, Safier Entertainment, LB Entertainment, and the PGA Tour.


His first year in L.A., Nicholas worked as an intern for Silver Pictures. He learned from some of the best in business including Carmel Musgrove, Ethan Erwin, Arron Auch, and Sarah Meyer.


His motivation and ambition, accompanied by networking skills, has allowed Nicholas
to work along side many industry professionals such as Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Ciara Hanna, Lee Broda, and many more.




The next generation of talent in Entertainment is Up-and-Coming and so is Nicholas.

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