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Student-created TV ad selected to promote the Farmers Insurance Open Golf Tournament


SAN MARCOS (January 11th, 2010) Two Palomar College radio and television (RTV) students scored a “hole in one” when the television and radio commercial they created was selected by The Century Club of San Diego, the organizing body of the Farmers InsuranceOpen, to advertise the upcoming PGA TOUR Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines.


The commercial was broadcast throughout the local San Diego area while the tournament is aired on the Golf Channel and CBS network from January 29-31st, 2010.


Nicholas Gibeault wins commercial conpetition. The students, Nick Gibeault and Kirsten Young, may soon be rubbing shoulders with the best players in the world, as their commercial scored them VIP passes and clubhouse access for the duration of the tournament. Gibeault and Young were also introduced at a special media day for the event held at the Lodge at Torrey Pines.


“This is the 4th year of our partnership with The Century Club of San Diego,” said Pat Hahn Professor of Communication at Palomar College. “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students,” Hahn said, explaining that this real-world experience could only help their chances of making it in their career pursuits. Over 40 students became involved in the effort, writing scripts and editing over 14 hours of PGA footage.





Other colleges and universities’ radio and television programs were also researched by The Century Club, but Palomar’s Radio and TV Program was chosen because of its experience in working on professional projects.


Raquel Licuan, Marketing Communications Manager for The Farmers Insurance Open , said The Century Club was looking for a different approach to the advertising for this event that would appeal to a broader demographic than has been traditionally associated with golf events. The Century Club, known for its philanthropic efforts, donated a nearly $2.3 million to more than 200 San Diego based charity organizations and schools from the net proceeds of the 2009 tournament. Wanting to broaden its ties to the community, The Century Club wanted to give local college students the unique opportunity to design its commercial.


Eventually, the commercial that combined Young’s script and Gibeault’s edited footage was chosen. The student produced commercial package included two 30-second television ads and three 30 and 60-second radio spots. The ads will run on various San Diego radio and television stations from now until the end of the tournament.



Development of the commercial began when RTV Instructor Garrett Chaffin-Quiray gave members of his Broadcast Writing/Producing class (RTV 110) the assignment of writing a script based on information The Century Club provided. The students were asked to write six versions of the commercial script, three each for radio and television.


Chaffin-Quiray said that once the students turned in their scripts, Youngs was an immediate standout. “She got inside the minds of the target market and wrote a dynamic and effective script,” he said.


Young said, “Once I got the assignment I knew I wanted to write a script that portrayed why the tournament is so special to people. This golf tournament is a long-standing tradition that San Diego takes great pride in. It was really important to me that everything was just right. I'm a firm believer that if you're not going to do something right, then you shouldn't do it at all. I wanted to write something that I could be proud of and I definitely accomplished that goal. “


When asked what winning the contest meant to her, Young said, “Winning the contest meant so much to me because it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact that my script was chosen not by my teacher, but by the actual client made it that much more rewarding. I really put a lot of work in to the script and it's very gratifying to see all that hard work pay off. I feel honored to be a part of such an amazing contest.” Once Youngs script was chosen, The Century Club provided the college with the other ingredients for a commercial -- 14 hours of digital footage from the January 2009 PGA tournament. All six versions of Youngs script were turned over to the students in Pat Hahn’s Digital Video Editing class (RTV 270).


The winning editing student, Nick Gibeault , 29, said he spent over 80 hours working with the footage shot by CBS Television, choosing just the right content to match Young’s script. In addition to editing the footage, he also created digital sound effects to go along with the music other fellow students had provided.


“I gained valuable experience working with clients, sponsors, and deadlines...crunch time was tough but fun. Working with such a high caliber client I developed an understanding and appreciation for networking at the highest level. As an up-and-coming person in the film business it was tremendous to see that no hard work goes unnoticed. This has been an amazing experience,” said Gibeault.


He added, “My family and friends have been the best part of this whole project. I see they are proud and excited for me. There's a running joke that I can't forget them when I become huge. For me it’s still kinda surreal. Everyone has been so supportive and I couldn't ask for a better start in pursuit of a dream.”


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